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James Seawood, a seasoned professional in all things audio, brings a diverse and impressive background to the world of voice acting, DJing, music production, songwriting, and audio mixing. With over 25 years of combined experience, James is a name synonymous with excellence in multiple facets of audio production. From a young age, James's love for music was ignited by his musical family. He found early inspiration in the vibrant sounds of New York City's radio waves during the 90s, which led him to embark on his journey in the world of music. He secured his first paid DJ gig at the age of 13, unveiling a natural talent for connecting with audiences through music. Throughout high school, he hosted parties for crowds exceeding the thousands. James's DJing ventures eventually paved the way for him to venture into music production, songwriting, and audio mixing. Over the years, he lent his abilities to prominent musical artists such as Swiss Beatz, Nicki Minaj, T.I., and Trey Songz. His contributions even earned him a Gold Plaque, and he established a thriving recording studio in the heart of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This rich tapestry of experiences laid the foundation for James's transition into the world of voiceover. In 2011, he attended an introductory voiceover class, recognizing the immense potential this realm held for him. Fueled by his dedication and pursuit of excellence. James has been nominated for multiple SOVAS awards, a testament to his commitment to honing his craft. James is a true communicator at heart, using his voice as an instrument to captivate and emotionally engage his audience. His vocal prowess is characterized by his authenticity, charisma, confidence, authority, and an easy conversational style. His innate talent and meticulous approach allow for a wide spectrum of applications. From featuring in multiple Super Bowl commercials to spearheading national advertising campaigns, delivering calming meditation content, producing engaging corporate videos, and contributing to a myriad of other projects, James collaborates with Fortune 500 brands from around the world to craft the highest quality media. Whether the goal is to inspire, encourage, or generate enthusiasm and action, James's versatility and vast experience lay the foundation for success. Beyond the limelight, James is a family man, residing in New Jersey with his loving wife and two daughters. His journey in the world of audio continues to inspire, enthralling audiences and leaving a lasting impression wherever he is heard

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